K2 Capital distinguishes itself by offering a flexible approach to lease finance as well as a quick turnaround. Time is money. That's why we work directly with our customers to determine the appropriate structure that best suits the needs of the business. You'll have our answer quickly so you won't waste time on empty promises.

In the last eight years alone, the professionals at K2 Capital have financed more than $400 million in equipment leases. Today, the company services nearly $100 million in equipment financing for its own portfolio and for dozens of community, regional and money-center banks across the country. Included in that portfolio are more than 400 separate equipment lease transactions.

Typically, K2 Capital is most effective when the transactions meet the following criteria:
Total Size: $100,000 - $5,000,000
Type: Equipment or Software
Term: 12 to 60 months
Structure: Operating or Capital Lease


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In the last eight years, the leasing professional at K2 Capital have financed more than $400 million in equipment. The company currently services nearly $100 million in equipment leases for its own portfolio and for many banks nationwide. READ MORE


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