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MINNEAPOLIS – K2 Capital Group, a national provider of equipment leasing solutions, recently launched its new YouTube channel. The new offering is complete with videos and information on K2 Capital's national equipment finance programs. Tom Grady, vice president of capital markets, leads the effort.

The influence of YouTube has exploded in the eight years since its inception. While it continues to serve as the
leading free medium for video exchange, YouTube has also grabbed the attention of advertisers and corporations as well. More and more businesses are using YouTube to highlight their product and service offerings.

"Behind Google, YouTube is the most visited site on the planet in terms of information searches," said Grady, who also runs the company's branding efforts. "Our clients and prospects are using new tools to gather information and decide with whom they will do business. YouTube is one of them and we wanted to make sure that we provided a venue for them."

He explains that the video medium is a great opportunity to highlight K2 Capital's unique offering in the equipment finance arena.

"Equipment finance and leasing are different than traditional lending, so we need to explain and educate our
clients about those differences," he said. "With our YouTube channel, we can illustrate through video how leasing works and the many benefits it provides. No one is really reading brochures any more but everyone will watch a 60-second video."


About K2 Capital Group

K2 Capital Group is a national provider of equipment leasing solutions. Headquartered in Minneapolis, K2 Capital delivers creative, competitive financing solutions to businesses within a variety of industries. The company primarily focuses on the medical and healthcare industries as well as information technology and manufacturing.


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